Big is Not a Big Enough Word

Last weekend I attended my first game at the new Cowboys Stadium, the 1.2 billion dollar home financed by the city or Arlington, but mostly by owner Jerry Jones.

It took me thhhiiisss long to forget about my sentimental strongholds to Texas Stadium.


Jerry did it. God has made many incredible things and He certainly gave Jerry (whether he knows it or not) the creative ability on this place too! It is unreal.

As long time season ticket holders I was somewhat nervous about what games would be like in this new JerryWorld. Much to my surprise, it was more than talked about. Sensory overload for sure. From the fun tailgating outside to the cushion seats, to the megaTVboard, to the concessions and bathrooms that were so numerous that there were still no lines even with 80,000 people there.

If you haven’t gone yet, get a party pass at the least and test it out for yourself. All I can say is Go Cowboys!