Big Loss For our World – Dr. Kim Dies

This world has lost another amazing person as Dr. Kim Duk Whang, one of the pioneers of international adoption, died this week at the age of 96.

In 2008 Julie and I flew to South Korea to meet the people of Eastern Social Welfare Society, an orphanage in Seoul, and to bring home our son. Dr. Kim took the time out of his busy day running numerous aspects of this large organization to speak to us and to tell us about his heart for the needy and his love for children. Sitting in his office that day hearing him share his story and his vision for the future was awe inspiring and humbling. He even signed and game us a personal copy of a book he wrote about Christianity in Korea.

Dr. Kim started ESWS in 1972 after seeing the need orphans in South Korea had for love and adoption. At the time adoption was unheard of in South Korea. Orphans needed love and care and Dr. Kim stepped in to meet that need. Today ESWS is a very large ministry with offices and locations all over South Korea that helps orphans and needy children find families, get educated and receive love and medical care. see:

If only we could all be half the man Dr. Kim was our world would be a better place. Because of this man we have a son. Because of this man thousands and thousands of children around the world have families and parents have children.

Dr. Kim loved on orphans and built an organization that will continue this service to mankind and God for decades to come. He was an advocate for children like one this world has never seen.

Do doubt this man fulfilled his calling and did a job “well done”. His reward will be great.

Now it’s our turn…