Aunt Joyce turns 80! Niece Kelsey turns 7!

My wonderful niece, Kelsey, turned 7 years old Saturday night. Hard to believe she is that old. We celebrated at the Magic Time Machine in Addison. It was a blast!

My grandfather’s sister, Joyce, turned 80 over the weekend so I took off to go see the Shanklin family at their ranch outside of Graham, Texas on Sunday. (Julie was at home resting from a busy day at Canton on Saturday….she wore herself out).

Anyway, it was fun. Lots of newborns and youngins. All of my cousins are well. Don’t get to see that side of the family as often. Bill Shanklin, my great uncle that reminds me of the old rancher from “City Slickers” is doing great and recovering well from cancer treatments.

I’ll post pics later….

Julie Ends Teaching Career….For Now

Well, Julie finished her teaching career last week…at least for the foreseeable future. She wanted to teach for 5 years and that’s exactly what she did. She had to say “bye” to the professional world of being a 2nd grade teacher at the school behind our home and fall into the ranks of being a professional mom and housewife. Congrats hun! No one will work harder than you….

Here’s a pic from her final days.

Third Watch is Gone

We don’t watch much TV. But, since Julie and I met we have been watching this incredible show called “Third Watch”. For some reason NBC pulled it this year. Seems it just couldn’t compete with the “ER’s” and “Law & Order’s” of the TV world.

We watched the final episode. It was a sad night. For years we’ve looked forward to this show each and every week. It was our thing. It’s a great real show based on real life portrayals of firemen, EMTs, and the police.

It makes me sad…..bye Bosco, Faith, Doc, Scully, Davidson and the others. Oh Crap….

Brady’s Bunch Introduction

Well, I am totally new to this blogging thing….but I figured at 35 I better learn how to do it. I’ve got a lot a life ahead of me and things are changing so I better get with the times or be left behind, right?

I have to say “thanks” to my long time (since 2nd grade) buddy from Houston – Johnny Thompson – for this idea. His blog spurred me to do my own. Check his out:

Let’s just see how good I do….