Cowboys Pre-Season Kicksoff…..LA Here I come!

LA better be cooled down by the time I get there Wednesday afternoon for my 3rd consectutive DC Camp Personal Retreat….and it will be the last, cause next year it’s back to hot and muggy San Antonio!!!

Yea, I am leaving the wife and kiddos behind…but this is once a year where I can leave the business and the rush of life behind for a few days.

What do I do? Well, let’s see…..

I take my laptop with me….tune in to via my wireless connection (since they broadcast from practice each day) and listen to what they think, as I sit in the stands with about 200 others and watch the Boys get coached, drilled and ran to death.

I sit and watch two practices each day in the relaxing cool breeze of Oxnard…then I might head into LA for some sightseeing or another drive through Beverly Hills which is always fun….

Then I do it again the next day and leave on the 3rd day…..not much more than that!

I can’t wait!