Embracing a New Normal

This is a weekend of change for our family. A new normal is settling in. Some of it is sad, some is fun and some is a little nerveracking for sure.

1. Life without Sam is going to be an adjustment. For 10 years we enjoyed the “Max & Sam” show, but now our love and attention will have to focus on old Maxie…

2. Girls promote at church to the “kids” area and are no longer downstairs in the “baby/preschool” area. Plus, they start going to “big church” with us each Sunday. Quinn will go up another “grade” too!

3. Our class at church is changing service times to the 2nd service. New classroom too!

4. The girls start school FOR REAL tomorrow as the go to Smith for Kindergarten! Wow!

This is our new normal. Life is an adventure. We WILL embrace it!