Finally, a Real Leader Steps Up for the GOP

Fred Thompson announced his bid for President last night on Jay Leno. The GOP needs a man of the people and a shot in the arm and he can do it.
Read his “Reaganism” beliefs on his new site. Finally, a real man that actually sounds, acts and looks like a President is on the scene. Let’s be honest, a President has to be a good actor. Reagan surely was and Clinton, well, he had to. Poor President Bush, love the man, but he just needs to stick to business when he is done.

Freddie T is the one for we. He already has my vote. (by the way, I came up with that slogan, like it?)

Just ask yourself this, the next time there is a terror attack on U.S .soil (and don’t be fooled cause one is likely to happen), who do you want standing in front of us saying, “My fellow Americans….” Hillary? Obama? McCain? Romney?

Not me.