Funny Words, Funny Girls

The girls are in a very funny phase right now. Toddlerville is almost in the past now as we enter “little girl land” over the next few months. But the language they speak today is a riot. Here are some of the funny ways they say certain words and phrases. I thought I would share them so as to not forget these times for years to come:

1. Offy shoes, offy pants, etc – offy means “take off”
2. Twildwen – or children
3. Elfant – aka elephant
4. Bidanin – vitamin
5. Washi hands, hair, etc – means “wash my hands/etc”
6. Happycake – their word for any type of cake
7. Panpakes – panchake
8. Owie – any injury
9. Neeno – this is their word for these little character icepacks for owies that started with a Nemo shapped one
10. Chicknfilay – chick-fi-la their favorite place just like daddy!
11. I did – this is a funny phrase that mainly Chloe says
12. Lightning go boom – another funny thing they say during big storms
13. Moonsky – they say this any time they can see the moon in the sky
14. Daddy/mommy h0ld you – they say this when they want to be held
15. This is my caman-jam – this is how they say “this is my commandment that you love one another” from the children’s song
16. Himimims – aka M&Ms
17. Chocwate – chocolate
18. Hand mannows – aka marshmallows
19. Backaroni – macaroni
20. Fa A-ham – this is how they say “father Abraham” from the children’s song
21. Home PeePo – Home Depot
22. Kura – Korea
23. Crema – camera
24. Fallas – flowers

I will add more as we hear more! 3/17/08 add a few more…