Graduation One Complete

Sidney and Chloe strolled across the stage Wednesday morning as new pre-school graduates of Ridge Kids…provided by our church Walnut Ridge Baptist.

In a neat little ceremony the girls got to dress up in cap and gown, sing a few songs, and watch a wonderful slide show of them and all their friends.

As Julie and I watched together, me with video camera in tow of course, we couldn’t help but both get a little emotional. Our little girls were already saying goodbye to one of their childhood phases.

They are officially no longer our little “babies”. They are now our big, yet “little girls” – and oh how proud they are!

In just a little over 90 days we will be walking our babies into their new “big girl school” right down the street as they start the next phase of Elementary school. At least this time, the next graduation phase isn’t for another 7 years. It just scares me when I think about how fast the last 6 have gone!

In 2005, God chose to bless us with these two little girls. It’s now our job to parent them up for this crazy world we all live in. It’s a chore, nights can be sleepless and money is always tight, but we certainly wouldn’t have it any other way!

I just wish it would all slow down some…