Hurricane Ike Devastates Galveston

I am still in shock. Hurricane Ike must have been a child of Hurricane Alicia. It’s dejavu all over again.

A little over 30 days ago, our entire family was having a fun time along with west end of Galveston Island – our beach house just 100 yards from the water. Today I doubt it is there. “The west end of Galveston is devastated,” said Steve McGraw, the state’s homeland security chief.

We also shopped at Murdochs opened in 1910 and a long time giftshop out on a pier off the seawall. Today it is rubble on top of Seawall Blvd. So sad. We just took pictures there overlooking the water weeks ago.

I remember Hurricane Alicia. It was loud, scary and intense. Hurricane’s are no fun. Pray for the people of Galveston and the area of Houston. At least 25 are dead and thousands lost it all. No power, no stores open, no gas, and no understanding of when those things will return.

This is so sad.

Donate to the Red Cross or Salvation Army today. Texas, this is our Katrina. Let’s show the world how great Texans are.