I Am a Sick Fan…

In all of my years of watching Cowboys football, I have never been more humiliated as a fan because of the last two horrible efforts put on the field coached by Wade Phillips. Unreal! You blow the final game at the beloved Texas Stadium and then you get a second chance at life and need a win over Philly and you lay a 44-6 egg!!!??

I know it is “just a game”, but for those of us die-hards who pay big money to rely on competition to serve as a break from the reality of life, the gutless efforts put on display by these overpaid coaches and multi-millon dollar players just makes me wanna barf.

Can someone over there take control, get a little ticked and realize that us fans are their employers!? There is too much ego, no intensity, no discipline and no focus. Talent does not win games, heart and determination does. The Cowboys showed none this entire year.

Sure there is always “next year” but this gang of thugs don’t deserve the attention.

Go Lions!