Identical Twins Are 8 – All That We Now Know

Happy birthday to the loves of my life; Chloe and Sidney.

I still get choked up when I think about that scary start to their lives 8 years ago. TTTS nearly took its toll, but God had His angels over them and here we are 8 years later enjoying so much together.

I wondered myself what being parents of twins, especially identical twins, would be like. We aren’t experts yet by any imagination, but for those of you curious, here are some tidbits.

Yes, they are very much the same. They like to eat the same things, drink the same things and do the same things – but they do wear different out fits most of the time.

Yes, they finish each others sentences.

Yes, they have their own words and languages.

Yes, they CRACK each other up leaving us all wondering “what the heck?” (they laugh just like the chipmunks and that is no joke. We all end up dying laughing.)

Yes, they are crushed when they are away from each other and we have learned that this is our best form of punishment.

Yes, they have other friends but do struggle making more.

Yes, they are two different people and have many differences – Sidney has always been our little mommy and Chloe is our comedian (and magician).

Yes, they get annoyed with being asked “are you twins?”.

Yes, they do fight, but very, very rarely.

Yes, they will probably share the same room forever and nearly had a heart attack when I suggested otherwise.

Yes, we sometimes call them the wrong names 8 years later in a quick glance. 

Twins are unique for sure, but identical twins are even more rare. It is fun to watch, but certainly we will never understand them completely. I get how identicals many times live their entire lives by each other until the day they die. Identicals in many ways are like one person split into two. They didn’t just share the womb, they were literally “one” from day one. Their bond is amazing and frankly, nearly scary. Their love is neat to watch and their conversations are entertaining to spy on.

I know it won’t be long and my babies will be headed off to college – 8 got here way to fast and I know 18 will seem like a blink. But being parents of these little people remains an honor and joy.

Thank you God for giving us such a blessing.