Jerry Jones Can Thank Someone Else for His Marketing Machine

I have to admit. I have admired Jerry Jones’ business expertise to a degree over the years – but only from a non-football perspective. Let’s face it…he took the Cowboys when they were dying in the late 80s and made them into the world powerhouse they are today. Forbes recently calculated the Cowboys worth more than 3B. Yea, that’s a big deal.

But, let me also say this: as the years of losing have gone from 5, to 10, to 15 and now to nearly 20 without much of anything for us die-hard fans, I’ve finally decided Jerry is actually just one lucky, clueless fool. The sports world and media rave about Jerry and all he has done for the game (yea, like free agency, parody and pole dancers at games – nice Jerry, real nice). Yes, he has a huge money making machine and he has done well with what has been given to him. But that’s just it.

It has been given to him.

Without Jimmy Johnson NONE of this would have ever happened. The only thing Jerry can be thankful to himself for, was hiring the man that paved the way for the three, long-ago, SuperBowl wins back in the early 90s. Yea, 20 years and counting….

It is laughable to think had the Cowboys not won during those years that Jerry would have even made it to the new century without going bankrupt. Fact is all of these business deals (ATT, Victoria, Hublot, Ford, Secret, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, NCAA, WMA, MMA, and concerts galore) would never have taken place if not for those few winning years.

Those winning seasons revived the Cowboys brand…not Jerry Jones. And those winning season were thanks 100% to Jimmy Johnson and his football genius. Without the winning, America’s Team would have died a slow death. Losing does that.

Because of the winning Jerry could build his empire. Because of the winning he was able to loans to finance Jerry World. Because of winning TV ratings sky rocketed and the Cowboys legend grew even bigger. Because of winning Jerry could get millions of dollars in business deals and arrangements made.

All of this because of all the winning. Winning Jerry Jones only had one part in – the hiring of Jimmy.

Winning changes everything.

If only Jerry could go back in time and figure that out, then maybe I could give him credit for where credit’s due. But until them, he is just one lucky son-of-a-gun. I’ll still cheer for the team itself, but honestly, I can’t wait for the day when Jerry is no longer allowed to be Jerry.

500 owners with that kinda luck could have become what Jerry and the Cowboys machine is today.