Last Family-of-4 Outing?

We took off for GlenRose today in what was more than likely our last major family outing with just us and the girls. (It appears next week we will get our call to go to Korea for our son!). Originally we had hoped to make it to Sea World with the girls, but it does not open until May.

But I am glad we did what we did. If you have not been to Fossil Rim then you have missed out. What a fun thing! We got to feed Zebras, Ostrich, all kinds of other animals, and Giraffes stuck their heads in our van to be fed which was hilarious. The girls loved it, but Julie and I were cracking up. At one point we were surrounded by animals, most of which were trying to find a way into the van! This is a neat conversvation that helps save animals, does research and more. The Cheetah exhibit was neat too.