Old Friend Is About to Be Blown to Shreds

Of course, most Texans all agree Texas Stadium is an icon most of us are likely to never forget. But the sad truth is she has been in a state of death and decay since the late 90’s and throughout the first decade of the new millennium she degraded beyond salvation.

Small, cramped, dirty, stinky, cold and damp. It’s over.

Bring on the dynamite. It’s time she blows.

For me personally I am going to take it hard.

Growing up a huge Cowboys fan I got my first personal Texas Stadium experience in 1983 when dad took me to a Thanksgiving Day game against the St. Louis Cardinals. I was 14 and loved every second of the Cowboys victory that day. To see the Boys for real in that loud, fan crazed place was incredible. Not to mention how awestruck I was at seeing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in person too!

Just seven years later in 1990 I became an actual employee of the Dallas Cowboys as I landed a part time gig working Cowboys games as a stands attendant. (bet you didn’t know that!). Yep, I had to help people find their seats and keep them out of the isles, but at halftime I got to sit wherever I wanted and watch the rest of the game. I made $25 a game and was allowed to bring my 35mm camera to the game too. It was fun watching Emmitt, Troy and Michael just getting their grove on. The playoff game against the Eagles that year was a highlight for sure!

In the 2000s, being much older and little more financially sound, I was fortunate enough to start attending more games. I was there when Troy Aikman played his last game in 1999 against the Redskins. He was pulled because of a huge hit to the head. I even told my girlfriend at the time he would never play again. I was right.

With the likes of Ebay and StubHub I found myself at many games from 2000 to 2003, many times alone, until 2004 when my business partner and I decided to buy season tickets and rent a suite to entertain our sales staff. What an experience! Friends, family, and business contacts alike shared in the fun too! Tailgating became the craze and we literally would hang out for hours before the game. Certainly more fun than watching the likes of Joey Galloway, Ryan Leaf, or Quincy Carter. Geez.

Our lease ended in 2006 and I returned to my personal season tickets for most home games. The company continued to buy seats for most home games too and the fun continued for the most part, though, until 2007, the team was terrible.

My last memory of Texas Stadium ended just like my first. With my dad at my side. The game was a cold one and the Cowboys finished the season with a terrible loss to the Baltimore Ravens, ending what should have been a promising year. It was an ironic twist of fate seeing the death of a season run along side the death of our beloved Texas Stadium.

Dad and I stood in the frozen wind and rain that night as we watched a parade of Cowboys stars take the field one last time. Dandy Don then sang “turn out the lights” and the Texas Stadium era came to an end.

The lights turned off and we headed home.

Thanks for all the memories Texas Stadium.

Boom goes the dynamite.