Speers World Ready for All 2010 Has to Offer

Rarely I have I looked forward to a new year more than I have 2010. For the Speers clan it was a tough one in all ways. As always, God was good during the tough days 2009 brought us, but hopefully the next year will bring some much needed change.

Now 2010 is here and we are expecting a year full of joy, peace, contentment, and success.

Quinn will be three and thank God his “terrible two days” should come to an end. If not, he might find himself in permanent time-out until then. Right now “no” means “yes” and never in my life have a seen a child get into more things so fast than him…

New business plans look promsing and our plan is to work toward debt freedom and taking the kids to Disney sometime soon!

Our girls will turn 5 and are sadly growing up way too fast. But they are a complete joy and world of entertainment. I never knew 4 year olds could be so funny. Just the other day Sidney told me “Chloe just went poop and it was huge!”. Neato.

The Cowboys have started off the new year with a bang and regardless of what happens now have made the end of the football season acceptable for a change!

We can only pray Dora fades away into the forever forgotten past, but for now she remains a mainstay throughout each and every long, drawn out morning of our ever living lives…

Political winds are going to lead America back to conservative values in the November elections. Don’t get me started…

These things and more are in the plans for the year. Now it’s just a matter of getting us there!