Cowboys Season Is Over…

It’s been 20 years since the Cowboys were last a truly good team. Yea last year they did great, but that was a blip in their recent history and trends. Jerry Jones has ruined my team this year the Jerry Jones curse took a major bite out of our football season. Romo is one of a long list of season affecting injuries all year long. Now it is over. They are 3-8 and playing for a top pick next April.

So depressing. Another year down the tubes. I am starting to feel like a Cubs fan…


These Holidays Are Special

Two months ago I wasn’t sure what to expect when Grandma Kat was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and ended up having a big chunk of her intestines taken out. She is 92 after all. Was thinking this might be it…

Yet, just yesterday she was there at home for our annual Thanksgiving lunch. What a blessing. God is good and He must still have something for her to do!

This year has been a challenge for sure, but at the same time it has gone fast with many new things taking place. We are down to the final stages of adopting another child and we hope to have him home sometime in early to mid 2016. I still can’t believe my girls are 10 and Quinn is halfway to 9! How is it that it has already been 7 years since we went to Korea to bring him home!? Now we are looking at going back soon to bring Zane home. Wow. Time does fly.

We spent yesterday with Julie’s parents and her sister’s family down from Iowa. That was a ton of fun too. Really love those people and the kids got to spend some much needed time with their cousins!

I am learning in my “old age” that life is to be cherished and it is certainly more important than money, success or fame.

I am just glad we had another great Thanksgiving with Grandma. You never know how many of those special times you get in life.


Kids Start New Journey

Hard to believe it, but school has started back up, temps are down, football is back and Christmas is about 90 days away.

This year is the first year our kids started home schooling too. So far, so good. They are getting into a groove and Julie is getting the hang of it this first go around. Their social life is busy too with new baseball and soccer seasons in full swing, with Friday co-op school and Wednesday church group activities. The great thing about it is they get done early, schedules are flexible so I can see them more and they get to focus on what needs to be focused on.

Quinn started real baseball this fall and is doing great. So good for him too. Girls started soccer this morning. They love it and they love their coach. She’s great!

Now real updates on things with Zane in a while. We are “in line” and waiting at this point. We do get to start sending care packages though! Can’t wait to go over there and bring him home.

So glad to have football back though my Astros and Rangers are doing great and battling it out this year. But let’s go Bears and let’s go Cowboys!

My name is Brady Speers and life is good!

Korea Camp 2015 Was Fun, More Information on Zane

Once again we traveled up to Tulsa, OK, to attend Dillon’s Korea Heritage Camp. Once again it was awesome. We hooked up with our adoption friends as we do every year and also met some new ones. The strong of adoption connects us all and will always be something we will have in common. Quinn loves it too and it is great for us well being to be around other adoptees and other Koreans.

Korea Camp Group 2015
Quinn Speers attends adoption camp
Quinn Speers Korea Camp
Brady Speers family attends adoption camp



We also learned that we might get Zane home sooner than people think.

Click here for more information.

We also recently launched which is a resource for charities we believe in and try to support. You can learn more about Dillon there and would love if others would join us in supporting these organizations and efforts.

Brady Speers is a father of four and married to his amazing wife Julie. They have twin girls and two Korean born sons, plus two dogs! Brady and Julie live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and she is a homeschooling mother and he is a retirement income planner with Safe Retirement Experts. For more about his work visit. 

Quinn turns 8 and Korea Camp was a blast

Seems like yesterday we were in Korea meeting Quinn for the first time. That was 8 years ago.

My little buddy is growing like a weed. Taller, smarter and still smiling all the time. He amazes us how sweet and caring he is too.

Once again his birthday fell on Korea Camp weekend and vacation week. We had a blast being together for 10 days enjoying life and taking some time to get away from it all. Korea camp was great as always and hopefully there are many more ahead with Zane coming into the fold soon.

Without Quinn this little life of ours just wouldn’t be the same. He makes it fun for sure.

God I love this kid. Thanks for bringing us all together.


A Small Zane Update

While we wait on getting Zane home, we will live for these irregular updates. Check more details out on our adoption blog here.

Zane Speers
Zane Speers

In the mean time we will wait on the Lord and enjoy the five of us will enjoy our time together hoping we will soon get to be a family of six!

Brady Speers is a father of four and married to his amazing wife Julie. They have twin girls and two Korean born sons, plus two dogs! Brady and Julie live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and she is a homeschooling mother and he is a retirement income planner with Safe Retirement Experts. For more about his work visit. 


Steve Martin and Martin Short – A Review

I have always been a huge fan of Steve Martin and when I learned he was coming to the Winstar World Casino just a quick hour drive away I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to get to see him live and in person. It was a no brainer and enjoy it tremendously I did.

He is probably in my top 5 comedians including his roles in Roxanne, The Jerk, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, on Saturday Night Live, and my personal favorite Three Amigos.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this show and tour entitled “A Very Stupid Conversation”. Martin Short, another one of my favorites, played the fantastic role of stirring up the craziness between these two senior citizen jokers. It was a funny mixture of casual comedy, music, general insanity on the part of Short and the two of them spending most of the evening cutting each other down in some of the funniest ways ever heard. To see these two older men command the stage with such energy and passion after 3 decades of making most of us laugh was quite a pleasant surprise.

If you get a chance to go see these two, do it. It was better than I expected and I laughed my self silly.

After all, you never know how long we will get to enjoy the comedic brilliance of two men as funny as these are.

Brady Speers is a married father of four. He has degrees from both Howard Payne University and Baylor University. They live in the town south of Dallas/Fort Worth and Brady helps people plan safe retirements.  They have two dogs (Charlie and Zoe) and his pastimes include sports, photography and writing.  Check his personal page out at

You Only Get to Do This Once

This week I got to spend some one on one time with my son Quinn. That doesn’t happen enough as a busy dad trying make ends meet and staying busy. The girls and Julie spent the week at church camp, so I took some time to spend with him. In a matter of weeks he will be 8. I know I will blink and he will be 18. My girls turn 10 in 60 days.

I love being a dad.

Many of my friends have older kids that are already young adults and out of the house. My own niece is cranking out college and that is mind bending too.

One day he won’t be my only son as we are adopting again but he will always be my first son.  So it’s important that this bond always remains strong. After all, what is life more about than making sure family is first? God gave them to me and it’s my job to love, protect and cherish them. They are gifts and I am fully aware of that daily.

One day my littles won’t be little and that already saddens me. Time never stands still.

Kids aren’t kids long and though we will always be their parents, this time in our lives will only happen once. And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Though I’m sure I will have regrets (no one is perfect) I can only hope I never regret not spending more time with them now. In the end careers, jobs, money, things, sports, busyness and the like won’t matter a hill of beans.

Life is good and being a parent makes it even better. If you are one, don’t ever forget that.

Kids aren’t kids long and cherish them we must.


I am Brady Speers. I am a father of four and I married an amazing woman named Julie. I have degrees from both Howard Payne University and Baylor University. We live in wonderful little town south of Dallas/Fort Worth and I get to help people plan safe retirements and I love spending time as a dad. I’m blessed to have an amazing family close by and tons of awesome friends. We have two dogs (Charlie and Zoe) and my pastimes include sports, photography and writing. One day my book “No Bones About It” will get published. If only time would stand still long enough. Check my personal page out at