Thanks to a Young Korean Woman

She had to have been in total shock as the reality of learning she was pregnant hit her. Then the truth of her situation likely brought on intense fear.

There was no way she could have this child. Certainly the devil himself was whispering “abortion” in her mind and likely through some peers. If they even knew, that is.

Surely on this day, the day he was born 9 months later and the day you gave him hope, his face comes across your mind.

You wonder if his smile still sets him apart. It does.
You wonder if he loves the life he has. He does.
You wonder if he is told about you. He is.
You wonder if he brings joy despite your pain. He does.
You wonder if he is Korean or American. He is.
You wonder if he can tell his own story. He can.
You wonder if he lights up those around him. He always has.

Quinn Seong Wook is one of the cutest, loving boys in the world; a natural joy-maker with a twinkle smile that rivals St. Nick. In many ways, God shines through him every day.

To some young woman living her life near the city of Seoul, South Korea, we say thank you. Because of you, one less child has been destroyed, one more life has hope and our family (and friends) have been blessed beyond words.

Thank you for being strong. Thank you for saying “no!” to death and “yes!” to life. Thank you for making the hardest decision of all and opting to allow parents from across the globe to care for and raise this child. I cannot imagine the pain as he was whisked away to a world you’ll likely never know. Those sobs that day were deep, real and surely touched the heart of God.

We are honored to love, protect, provide for and share our lives with the sweetest boy a parent could hope for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for not killing him when you could.

Thank you for being our hero.