We are Now an American/Korean Family

Effective now, the Speers family has become an inter-racial family. We are both American and Korean. But, most people including Julie and I have no clue what Korea is and what being Korean means. Below are some facts about South Korea.

Parts of South Korea are still very primitive and poor but Seoul is full of life and is much larger than Dallas! Industries include technology, automobiles, and farming. The South Koreans are very grateful and thankful to America for our efforts during the Korean War to free them from the North Koreans. Over 3 million people died in the Korean War (over 52,000 Americans), and though many people think it was a war that meant nothing to the U.S., the war assured the freedoms of millions of people in South Korea today and has held the North Koreans at bay for over 6 decades. It also gives us a strong ally and military presence in the communist region. The TV show MASH was based on this war.

Thousands of Korean children have been adopted by American’s since the war for a variety of reasons. About 1,500 children each year are adopted out of South Korea. The most common reasons are poverty and the social taboos that exist against pregnant women who are not married. Abortion rates are very high.

Korean’s celebrate the most common worldly holidays such as Christmas and New Years, but have holidays of their own as well. The largest being Chuseok (August 14-16) or the Full Harvest Moon Festival, which is like Thanksgiving. They also celebrate the Lunar Months 1-8.

The country is very westernized in terms of technology and shopping. Hyundai, Trinitron, LG and Samsung are all popular South Korean companies most American’s recognize. In a nation the size of Indiana there are 5 cities larger than Dallas. Christianity is the most accepted religion in the country.

More coming soon!